Come, My Darling

We’ve nothing to do

Come, my darling,
let’s settle here
beneath the tree.

We’ve nothing to do,
nothing to say,
so let us just lie, silently
watching cracks in the sky.
We’ll nervously run
our fingers through the clover
unable to voice what is wrong,
though our perfect illusion is over.

So come, my darling,
let’s settle beneath this tree,
and never ask the question,
Where do we go
from here?

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

Today’s resource for education and empathy is the Instagram account Intersectional Environmentalist. They have some pretty and funky graphics with a great educational message. The current environmental problems we face undeniably affect marginalized communities throughout the world much more profoundly than non-marginalized ones. Environmental solutions must take these discrepancies into account. Intersectional Environmentalist also has a website that showcases resources for and from various communities with more to come!

And speaking of Instagram, I don’t advertise it much, and it’s still a work-in-progress, but I do have an Instagram account for this blog. You can follow me here to see several of the poems from this blog and other Instagram-exclusive content.


21 thoughts on “Come, My Darling”

  1. This is a beautifully tragic piece in how I’ve interpreted it. There’s a theme of time and striving to live in the moment, but time always wins, as you say:

    “We’ll nervously run
    our fingers through the clover
    unable to voice what is wrong,
    though our perfect illusion is over.”

    A sense of ambiguity to truly speak what is wrong, or perhaps, it is encompassing nature and how the narrator is unable to speak of how the “perfect illusion is over” because they are overcome with that moment. They want to stay in that moment, that serenity of time standing still with another, but it’s inevitable.

    I enjoyed reading this beautiful piece. It is very well-written and I just had to analyze it a bit. Such lovely writing. Inspiring work!

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