She tried to shrink down
into nothing

They called her little.

She used to cross her arms
and her legs
to make herself even smaller.

She tried to shrink down
into nothing
as she sat
in the subway car
on her way to work
each morning.

As that underground train
rocketed forward
through the tunnels,
she would close her eyes
and go into the vast universe
inside of her–
a world invisible through
her opaque skin,
but just as huge and real
as she wanted it to be.

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels



A wispy, ghoulish, haunting thing

I’ll reemerge in fits and starts,
convey the message of my heart,
and disappear again just like a ghost.

A wispy, ghoulish, haunting thing
that even now just deigns to bring
a short, sarcastic, base, belated post.

Photo by Marcelo Jaboo from Pexels

Long time, no poem. Sorry.

I have been writing little bits here and there, but I simply have not had the energy to sit down and edit or complete them. Even worse, I have been struggling to find the energy to read other people’s work or reply to messages.

I can’t guarantee that I’m back to reading and writing consistently, but I can guarantee that I’m slowly working through reading various blogs and that I am trying to get back into the groove of creation.

Thank you to everyone who is bearing with me. I have missed you all.

Peace out,