Wings and Things

it was what i needed at the time

a goldfinch burrowed into my chest.

that is not what goldfinches do, I know,

but this one did.

it was what i needed at the time anyway.

i needed fluttery wings to keep my heart beating.

i needed a sharp beak to pluck out all my insecurities.

i needed feathers–oh, how i needed those feathers

to usher me along my path.

i needed that vibrant yellow hue to be my own sun

inside myself.

the goldfinch knew, or I think it knew,

or maybe it just needed a home

and my chest seemed vacant enough.

either way is fine with me.

Photo by Aaron J Hill from Pexels


2 thoughts on “Wings and Things”

  1. I thought I was experiencing some atrial fibrillation this morning, but maybe it was just a goldfinch, reminding me to get up and read some fine poetry — like this one.
    Nice work, Joy. Thanks.

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