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A Little About Me

Hi! I’m Joy!

I’ve always been a storyteller. Even before I could talk, I was babbling wild tales, complete with gestures and excited changes in tone.

I don’t actually “see,” “hear,” “feel,” “taste,” or “smell” the sensory details that I include in my writing, nor do I experience my thoughts or memories with any of these senses–a phenomenon called aphantasia. Because my poetry so often includes these sensory details, often as metaphor, writing about the experience of aphantasia can be a challenge, though I have attempted that challenge in two poems: “A Cream-Colored Mind” and “I See.”

I also have a passion for empowering all people to write. As this blog expands, you can expect to see more content around that topic.

Outside of writing, I love cooking and hiking. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, an amateur Google-r, a serial language-learner, a plant mom, a hoper, and a dreamer. You can find me on social media below.

My Favorite Things I’ve Written

About The Yellow Brick Ave

I started this blog in February of 2020 as a space to share the writing that I was already going to do anyway, and my how it has grown since its launch! Now, it has transformed into a destination for all my thoughts about expanding knowledge and understanding and my poems about a myriad of topics. My website is mostly full of poetry, but I do occasionally share other types of posts.

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