Free Resources for Online Creatives

Pexels — a free-to-use photo and video site (not public domain–some exclusions apply)

Pixabay — a free-to-use photo, video, vector image, and sound site (not public domain–some exclusions apply)

Unsplash — a free-to-use photo site (not public domain–some exclusions apply)

Artvee — a free-to-use fine art site (images are in the public domain, but you can check the copyright policies of your home country and the art’s country of origin to be safe)

Canva — a site to format and produce designs for online and real life, including posters, menus, Instagram Posts, and YouTube thumbnails (a paid version is available with more features, but I have not tried it)

Substack — a site to produce free or pay-to-subscribe newsletters

This page is in progress. As other pages are created with more specificity and more information on each of these resources, they will be linked here. If you have other suggested resources for creatives or requests for specific related pages, you can email me using the form below.