Lost in the Fire

used my spirit as kindling

I built a campfire over me, used my spirit as kindling,

added some branches,

layered log after log, log-cabin style,

lit it with a match.

The wood burnt,

things shifted after being singed to dark and lifeless hues.

More branches,

matter changed,

chemical reaction,

all the same.

I’m now trying to find the ashes of myself at the bottom.

Photo by takenbytablo from Pexels


In Search

Of flames and dying sparks

When I set out to find answers,
it was like how the sun sets out of the sky–
firstly illuminating, then fading slow, slow, slow,
and finally plunging into darkness.

It’s not that the answers were unexpected–
in fact, quite the opposite.
As it turns out, seeking fire and brimstone
leads you to fire and brimstone.

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A Fire Inside

And I will not get burned.

A fire burns
within me,
and its dark
gray smoke
rises up–
swirling around me–
clouding my vision,
my judgement–
as it escapes.

I cough–
This is a consequence
of having a fire
thriving inside,
deep in my belly–
It makes it hard to breathe,
hard to see,
hard to just exist.

But this fire also
creates light.
You can see embers of it–
sparks of it–
in my eyes.
It provides heat–
keeps me warm
at night
or when the chill
comes down
from the mountainside.
And the smoke
is ultimately
leaving in wisps
with even
the slightest

I will not
let this fire
die out
no matter
what the world
tells me.

I can’t.

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

This week, I would like to shine a light on the Innocence Project, a nonprofit organization that uses testing or retesting of DNA evidence in order to exonerate innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted. Their work takes place within the United States, but they are associated with other similar projects in other nations. Their website includes information about their current and previous cases, links to petitions, other ways to get involved.